Frances Primary School

Welcome to Frances Primary School

photo of school books

Frances Primary School opened in 1888 and remains on the original site close to the South Australian and Victorian borders.

We are a small, rural school with a mission to provide children residing on both sides of the border with a high quality education in a safe and nurturing environment.

We have developed a strong sense of wellbeing and identity and participate in the annual Frances 'Folk Gathering Festival' and 'Landcare' programs thus engaging local agricultural businesses.

We value student voice, and have created well established links with other local schools. Our school priorities are literacy and numeracy, with additional specialist teaching in the visual arts and science.

Enrichment activities are provided by annual, quality camps that extend beyond the local area.

Recent upgrades include a new classroom and a refurbished library with a student kitchen, which provide a technology-rich environment for learning. Our school motto, 'Building on Friendship and Knowledge', underpins our teaching programs and reflects our energetic and passionate school community.

We host a play centre which provides a well-organised program to support children from birth until 4.